PlayStation 5 - The best selling console of all time?

Since the launch of the PS5 and Xbox next-gen games consoles, we've been eagerly watching sales figures across a variety of sources coming through.

Which console is flying off the shelves? And which one simply hasn't met the hype?

Anticipation was high, the first "new" console for about 8 years was upon us, and over time teasers, gameplay trailers and launches had us glued to our seats and wanting more. Pre orders quickly sold out, leaving a high demand in it's trail.

Looking at this survey, over 51,000 people who participated voted PS5 as the clear favourite with over half of the votes, Xbox got less than a quarter.

But how has that translated into sales? Earlier reports from countries such as Spain and Japan suggested that PS5 is outselling Xbox by up to 4.75 to 1! Erring on the side of caution and varying reports I think it's safer to suggest the figure globally is nearer to 3 to 1, which is still a sensational result for Sony. The most intriguing thing is that it seems the Nintendo Switch is still performing well, despite having been out for a couple of years now.

Overall it's fair to say that PS5 is the standout console on the market right now but rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro could swing the balance back in Nintendo's favour. If you're an Xbox customer all is not lost - it's a cracking console and if I was to be as bold as to suggest a reason behind the chasm of which it needs to bridge, it's the lack of exclusive titles that it's rivals have.

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