Apple to launch a games console?

Well, the title isn't entirely accurate....Although some would argue it is!

The rumour mill is rife that Apple are preparing for a surprise launch tomorrow of some hardware, one being a new Apple TV box. We at Gaming Dogs love a good rumour, so let's dive deeper.


This wouldn't be Apples first foray into gaming, the Apple Bandai Pippin (below) was the largely unsuccessful attempt by the tech giants back in 1996 that never took off, selling only 42,000 units when it was released, and quickly discontinued.

As a company, they would have learned a lot from the experience and despite huge cash reserves ready to invest in new products, it's highly unlikely with the recent PS5 and XBOX One X releases that they would try to compete in that space.

What next?

However, Apple TV over the past few years has been brought to the fore, with a number of significant upgrades - both hardware and software - as well as successful new services such as Apple TV - competing directly with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney plus for our screen time, but significantly the Apple Arcade games service available within the App store on our iPhones and iPads.

Now, we already know that you can pair Playstation and XBox controllers to existing Apple TV boxes, but the rumour claims that the new Apple TV box will ship with a controller. There is an intriguing new middle market opening up, look at Google Stadia, similar Android boxes - could this be the future of gaming? In a word no - it's not ever going to replace the fully fledged gamer, but the habitual candy crush player on a mobile phone may well find this interesting.

Let's hope the rumour comes true - it can only be good for gaming!

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